24th ASMIHA Coverage: Highlight day 1-3

PERKI 24th ASMIHA Coverage: Highlight day 1-3

JAKARTA ---  The 24th Annual Scientific Meeting of Indonesian Heart Association (ASMIHA) themed “The Current and Future Landscape of Cardiovascular Disease Management” was held. The theme was derived in regards of the emerging epidemic of cardiovascular disease in our world and in preparation for AFTA 2015.

Chaired by Dr. Antonia Anna Lukito, PhD, FIHA and Dr. Daniel Tobing, FIHA, the 24th ASMIHA has facilitated the three days scientific program of lectures, debates, and clinical case presentations. The European Society of Cardiology (ESC), American College of Cardiology (ACC), Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology, and ASEAN Federation of Cardiology (AFC) collaborated together with the Indonesian Heart Association to present the biggest and most exciting cardiovascular scientific meeting in Indonesia throughout the year of 2015.

Experts from all over the world discussed the latest updates on clinical research and its implications for daily practice in this forum. Updates on acute cardiac practice such as cardiovascular critical care networking, heart failure management, prevention of stroke in atrial fibrillation, role of echocardiography in critically ill patients, atherosclerosis screening in diabetics patients, cardio-metabolic syndrome, surgical vs interventional procedure, pediatric cardiology, congenital heart disease and other interesting topics toned up the symposium. The meeting also facilitated opportunities for industry partners to network with the attendees from all over Indonesia.

Interesting updates during this meeting include:

  1. The pilot program of STEMI network in West Jakarta, which collaborates primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare facilities. The network is called iSTEMI (Indonesia STEMI) and developed by Dafsah A. Juzar, MD as the program leader. “The network facilitates higher rate of reperfusion, shorter ischemic time and eventually better outcomes” said Dafsah A. Juzar, MD.
  2. The development of telecommunication device implemented in Makassar by Idar Mappangara, MD. The telemedicine technology offers a way to expand outreach and simultaneously improve healthcare throughout the community. Patients’ ECG and hemodynamic monitor can be monitored anywhere in the cardiologists’ smartphones, gadgets and other telecommunication devices through this innovation.
  3. International Lipid Joint Session, Prof.Diederick Grobbee from the European Society of Cardiology wants us to keep in mind that “neither the ESC/EAS nor the ACC/AHA Lipid guideline can be immediately translated to Indonesian. They give guidance indeed, however no definite rules have been established.
  4. Aneurysms and aortic dissection, except those involving the ascending aorta, can be done by endovascular technique. The advantage of this technique is less invasive than surgery so that the treatment of choice in older patients with comorbidities and aneurysms involving  pararenal vessels. Invited speakers from abroad two and four panelists from within the country, the first session presented by Prof. Lee Han Choel, MD, PhD from Pusan National University, Korea and Prof. Su Chang, MD, PhD, of China Medical University.
  5. In gaining Awareness towards Cardiovascular Disease in Women, Prof. Pamela Bowe Morris a board member of American Heart Assocation(AHA), has been actively participating in campaigns raising awareness of women cardiovascular diseases. For the vast majority of women, their symptoms are quite atypical.Today, the guideline for women CVD has been released. Most of the original guidelines for CVD nowadays are based on research in men.

A great success was achieved in this event, total of 2092 participant from different part of Indonesia was registered in the 24th ASMIHA. Together with the industries, the number reached 2330. More than 200 abstracts were submitted and published at Asian Heart Journal. A few Indonesian Heart Association (IHA) guidelines such as Acute Coronary Syndrome, Heart Failure, Woman Cardiology and Hypertension Guidelines were also published and distributed during this event. Closing ceremony is followed by annoucement of winner of Young Investigator Award (YIA), Cardiovascular Research Forum (CRF), Oral Presentation (OP). Award Aktar Fajar Muzakki came first in YIA with the abstract titled "Hypoxic Preconditoning Effects on Cultured Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells to Expression of CD31, Vascular Endothelila Growth Factor-A and Stromal-Derived Factor-1 Alpha. Suko Adrianto came first in CRF with abstract titled "Cardiac NT-PRO BNP Gene is Downregulated in Obese, Non-Heart Failure Patients". Bayu Lestari came first in OP with abstract titled "Ceplukan Leaf’s Methanolic Extract (Physalis minima L) Attenuates Ventricular TNF-α Level and Fibrosis in Ovariectomized Wistar Rats".

By Ste/KM/Su