Perki House is not difficult to find. From Sudirman street, 500 meters from the Semanggi bridge leading to the Bundaran Hotel Indonesia, just before Wisma Benhil, you turn left and find the Naval Hospital Mintohardjo. The left side of the hospital there is a path, and if you are directing the view to the right side of the road, striking a magnificent three-story building immediately apparent. Right in the middle of the former building of the shop three labeled the word PERKI HOUSE.

You will enter a large house, magnificent as a combined residential Masonet type of European-style three-level, which is separate from the model of the surrounding buildings. Basically brown color, reminds me of the basic color paintings of one artist maestro Indonesia from Yogyakarta, Widayat. The Maestro is restless if it were running out of brown paint.

It is true Dr.Herry Bastari, SpJP, Development Committee Chairman Tim Perki HOUSE but it still needs a female touch to arrange a home. As the wind and say 'inside a beautiful house, there is always a woman'. Fortunately there Dr.Endang Ratnaningsih, SpJP, interior designers, women. Detailed design impressed feminine but modern interior, so we've seen a table entry secretariat in the front room with a flat-screen computers, painting the living room filled Perki previous chairmen. The artist is Mr. Widodo.

In the basement there is this Dr.Santoso office Karo-Karo, SpJP, as chairman of the Foundation Perki, as well as manager and in charge of the building. He was accompanied by the secretary of the foundation, Dr.Endang Ratnaningsih, as well as Perki HOUSE. We could not believe that it was a 3 lots combined.

From the arrangement of 3 floors, 9 rooms prepared, among others, for libraries and health. There are two modern classrooms: the big screen with the remote control, laptop and new infocus. Still there are 4 rooms as appropriate skill stations for ACLS and BCLS, excellent products Perki in the field of high skills in an effort to help save people, which for this year probably until mid next year already fully booked. This task force commanded by a former army colonel Triatmo Budiyuwono, cardiologists from the RSPAD and TDK. Still have high morale to clicking the entire ACLS-persada doctors in this archipelago. Spirits like a combat soldier.

Full address of Perki House: Jl. Danau Toba Kav 139 A-C, Bendungan Hilir, Jakarta Pusat. Phone: 021-578-52940