24th ASMIHA Coverage: Go Forward with ASMIHA

PERKI 24th ASMIHA Coverage: Go Forward with ASMIHA

JAKARTA --- ASMIHA 24th was held with the theme of large "The Current and Future Landscape of Cardiovascular Management". This theme is viewed from the aspect of time, starting from today until future plans. Cardiovascular disease problems were to be discussed wholistically and comprehensively.

All matters relating to cardiovascular disease have been packaged interestingly for the participants in the series of this ASMIHA agenda. ASMIHA this time is  collaborating with the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), American College of Cardiology (ACC), the Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology (APSC), the ASEAN Federation of Cardiology (AFC), Japanese Circulation Society (JCS), and the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand (CSANZ).

There are many special agenda that has been prepared for the participants. One of among them is the launching of the four most recent guideline and guideline would be distributed freely on CD. Guideline launched consists of guidelines hypertension, heart failure, acute coronary syndrome, and prevention of cardiovascular disease in women. In addition, there were 11 workshops as series of pre-congress ASMIHA (9 April 2015), more compared to previous years of ASMIHA.

Another special thing is the IHA (Indonesian Heart Association) session especially for general practitioners. This session is a new innovation in ASMIHA which aims to share the knowledge to general practitioners. Besides The participants can watch the debate session that will discuss topics controversial in the cardiovascular field. There are also four joint symposia that no less interesting are held together four international societies, such as the ACC (American), ESC (European), ACC (ASEAN), and APSC (Asia Pacific). The ability of the  participants will also be challenged in Case session in Box, which is a collection of learning a difficult case as discussion participants. Speakers who participated in this ASMIHA derived from whole parts of Indonesia to foreign countries such as USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Asia Pacific. All speakers are expected to satisfy the participants through knowledge, experience, research data and guidelines from their country.

The whole committee and parties joined have struglled optimally to organize events that are beneficial to the participants. Hopefully, participants had the passion for updating knowledge and skills.

"Stay and listen till the end of the ASMIHA session and you will get the most of it!", said Antonia Anna Lukito, MD, PhD, chairman of 24th ASMIHA

Modified from Media Aesculapius by KM, Edited by Su