24th ASMIHA Coverage: Collegium for Future Cardiologist

PERKI 24th ASMIHA Coverage: Collegium for Future Cardiologist

JAKARTA --- Kolegium Ilmu Penyakit Jantung dan Pembuluh Darah has guided around 700 Indonesian dedicated cardiologist  to preserve competence. As one of the efforts to accomplish the mission, workshop or fellow training session was organized, a program to develop medical education, on 24th ASMIHA  in the Ritz Carlton Hotel Mega Kuningan and RS Harapan Kita.

In order to improve the curriculum of specialization, the college also builds Bench Marking with education programs specialists by the European Society since 2008. Each movement and innovation they are trying to implement. One of them is the imaging module cardiovascular nuclear cardiology which must be mastered by the cardiologist nowadays.

As the evaluation system, National Board of Examination (NBOE), a test held nationwide every three months since 2014 online and computer-based oral. After the cardiologist passes NBOE covocation was performed by awarding Indonesia's membership Heart Association to obtain the title of Fellow Indonesian Heart Association.  At 24th ASMIHA, a total of 85 cardiologist Indonesia was convocated.

Following the development of knowledge and the latest technology in the field of Cardiovascular be no less importance in efforts to increase competence of the cardiologist. Through the 24th ASMIHA, the cardiologist is expected can open up to self development. "Of course, full enthusiasm while undergoing a series of activities is required as the participants," said Sunarya Soerianata, MD.

Modified from Media Aesculapius by KM, Edited by Su