24th ASMIHA Coverage: ASMIHA for Innovative Cardiologist

PERKI 24th ASMIHA Coverage: ASMIHA for Innovative Cardiologist

JAKARTA --- "Perhimpunan Dokter Spesialis Kardiovaskular Indonesia (PERKI) is pleased to arrange The 24th Annual Scientific Meeting of The Indonesian Heart Association (ASMIHA), a annual scientific meeting followed by a general practitioner and cardiologist from entire homeland of Indonesia," said Anwar Santoso, MD, PhD President PERKI Pusat

By holding ASMIHA, PERKI hope to give information regarding updates about the latest in the effort to prevention and treatment of heart disease, including technologies to colleagues. Every year ASMIHA always became a forum for the cardiologists in Indonesia to discuss cardiovascular. However, not only discussions, research results was evaluated and appreciated in this event. Besides, the themes raised, too, is problems found by colleagues daily. Through the 1500 meeting of doctors in one event, it is expected to solve all problems raised.

This year, ASMIHA lift special themes, namely "The Current and Future Landscape of Cardiovascular Management ". This theme specially appointed to prepare colleagues' all to face AFTA (Asean Free Trade Area) in 2015. In addition to the the trend of increasing numbers of heart and blood vessels disease, PERKI hope that all colleagues were able to address these issues.

By holding 24th ASMIHA, PERKI remind us that issues of heart disease in Indonesia not only solved by clinicians, but also involves a variety of society and institutions. PERKI itself encourages joint movement to perform rapid and quality service. Currently, a pilot project in the form of implementation from the networking services of heart attack has taken place in the area of West Jakarta. Results shown until now was very impressive. It is also expected that this effort can be expanded so that more people who get protected from deadly attack.

Finally, enjoy the entire range of activities ASMIHA this year. Hopefully, ASMIHA can be a forum to explore as much knowledge and innovations in the field of cardiology; to strengthen the relationship and cooperation, as well as contribute positive to the nation and our beloved country.

Modified from Media Aesculapius by KM, Edited by Su