World Heart Day 2015

PERKI World Heart Day 2015

Jakarta, Tuesday ( 29/9 ) --- Every year since 2000 the world community to celebrate the heart of the world on 29 September. At this year's World Heart Day theme is "Heart Healthy Choices for Everyone, Everywhere". This year's theme emphasizes the choice of people to have a healthy heart through a variety of ways, either through diet or lifestyle modification everyday. Cardiovascular diseases including in this case is the Heart and Stroke disease has claimed the lives of 17, 3 million people each year worldwide. By 2030 that number will increase to 23 million. Most people who suffered cardiovascular disease are in the developing countries. Global measures is needed to overcome this through the efforts of an effort to remind the world community to maintain cardiovascular health.

The heart is an important organ for the body because it supplies blood to the entire body. Most heart disease patients neglect patterns and bad habits of eating unhealthy food resulting in rise of cholesterol, diabetes, heart attack. Therefore, eating a heart-healthy diet is highly recommended by doctor all around the world for preserving heart health and function. The choice on the healthy food or fruit indeed been researched as the main key to mantain a healthy heart. Heart healthy diet should be a lifestyle for the whole of modern society in the midst of fast food or junk food which are rich in bad cholesterol. Small lifestyle changes can improve the quality of life and reduce the risk of heart attack by 50 percent. Other negative causes such as lack of exercise, skipping breakfast and or dinner, lack of sleep affect heart health, heredity. A combination of a healthy diet and active exercise can create a more healthy heart and more risk reduction to prevent heart disease than diet alone.

" On World Heart Day, Indonesian Heart Association (IHA) aggressively educate and increase public awareness to ensure their neighborhoods are conducive and good environment for the heart , because everyone is entitled to choose to live in a healthy environment, " said DR . Dr. Anwar Santoso , SpJP ( K ) , FIHA , FAsCC , FESC , FACC, Chairman of the IHA.  Cardiologists and volunteers from IHA commemorate World Heart Day by distributing flyers that remind the community to be aware of their health especially their heart to road users in the Bundaran Bank Indonesia.

Maintaining a healthy heart is a very easy task. Other than diet and excercise, self-care can facilitate early detection of hypertension by using digital blood pressure monitor, treatment adherence, and better awareness of the importance of seeking medical help if needed. It's concerning that oomen often worry more about their husband heart health than hers. The ones who didn't manage to make a healthy choice resulting heart attack should be aware of the symptoms and able to perform emergency measure needed before medical personal arrive. Other than from healthcare personel and facilties, goverment and society joint movement are needed to create a heart healthy environment such as heart attack management by heart attack networking. Let's join the World Heart Day 2015 in order to create the environment that support a healthy heart, because the heart is healthy to be an option for everyone, everywhere.

Modified from Press Release by KM, Edited by Su